Seeking Contested Or Uncontested Divorce

Coming to terms with the decision to divorce is often difficult. You are likely aware of the emotional, financial and legal challenges ahead. However, you do not have to face these challenges alone.

At the Law Office of Melanie M. Marmer, we are here to offer constructive advice and loyal representation. Put a qualified family law attorney from our firm on your side. In addition to working toward the best possible divorce results, we strive to ease the burden along the way, allowing you to focus on your daily life.

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How COVID-19 Is Impacting Divorces

Right now, many courts are closed or slowly re-opening. But, with very few exceptions, the court sees divorce as a low-priority. This can mean that your case takes longer to go through litigation. In cases like this, an experienced attorney with in-depth understanding of the law is crucial. Melanie M. Marmer will help you navigate the court process and explore alternative routes to achieve your goals.

Resolving Divorce Disputes

If you are engaged in a divorce dispute, it is important to have a strong advocate on your side. Melanie M. Marmer is a seasoned, aggressive trial lawyer who knows how to get results. She knows how to achieve favorable settlements out of court but is always prepared for courtroom litigation. Whether you are engaged in a dispute over property division, child custody, alimony or any divorce-related matter, our law firm is prepared to stand up for your rights.

Working Toward A Better Tomorrow

Divorce is a stressful experience, and there is a lot on the line. Many of our clients come to us with the weight of the world on their shoulders but leave feeling hopeful and optimistic for the first time in months. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and craft legal strategies that position them for stable, prosperous futures.

Contact A Skilled New York Divorce Attorney

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