Estates And Wills

Planning And Administration Of Complex Estates

Estate law is personally and financially significant. Whether you are planning ahead or administering a loved one’s estate, you likely have important questions to consider. However, the process does not have to be overwhelming. In the age of COVID-19, power of attorney and healthy proxies are more important than ever.

At the Law Office of Melanie M. Marmer, we know how the legal system works. Our attorneys have worked with clients who have international estate cases as well as cases with complex factors in New York. Our experience in estate planning and probate can guide you forward. We take the time to support and inform you at every step of the process.

Planning Is More Important Than Ever

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the best time to plan for the worst is now. In light of these lessons, the Law Office of Melanie M. Marmer is going above and beyond to help clients find solutions to their estate planning and elder planning needs. We can help you set expectations and make your wishes clear so that if something happens, everyone can work together on your behalf. This includes health directives, powers of attorney and living wills.

Wills And Estate Planning

The future is full of unknowns. However, there are ways to influence what will happen when you are no longer able to care for your loved ones. Creating an estate plan can give you control over inheritance, the care of your children and more. While a will is the most foundational tool, there are additional methods that can give you peace of mind.

A will provides for the distribution of your property at the time of your death in the manner you choose. Wills can be of various degrees of complexity and can be utilized to achieve a wide range of family and tax objectives, including the following:

  • You may designate a guardian for your minor children if you survive the other parent.
  • You may choose to acknowledge or otherwise provide for a stepchild, elderly parent or other individuals in whom you have an interest.
  • If you are acting as a custodian for the assets of a child or grandchild, you may designate your successor custodian.
  • You may designate an executor of your estate.
  • You may provide for a charity or other beneficiaries.
  • You may provide for a deed transfer, including life estate deed transfers.

At the Law Office of Melanie M. Marmer, we can help you determine which provisions are best suited to your needs and goals. With good planning, you can be confident that your wishes will be carried out, even when you cannot see to it yourself.

Probate And Estate Administration

For clients who have lost a family member, we provide probate and estate administration services, taking care of all the details necessary to settle an estate, such as preparing and filing all necessary documents, notifying creditors, handling tax issues and overseeing the orderly distribution of property.

If litigation becomes necessary to resolve a dispute, attorney Melanie M. Marmer has experience representing clients in surrogate court and is fully prepared to proceed toward trial if it is in your best interests.

Ms. Marmer has frequently represented members of Brooklyn’s Jewish communities in estate administration and has worked with Israeli attorneys to settle estates involving property in New York and Israel. An example situation is one in which a client’s parents owned property in New York but relocated to Israel. In this case, the estate needs to be probated, and the help of an attorney fluent in Hebrew can greatly facilitate the process.


In New York, a guardian is a person appointed to see to the basic needs of a child, including shelter, education, medical care and personal needs. Unlike adoption, guardianships do not sever the legal tie between a child and his or her legal parents. This means that the child’s legal parents still must provide financial support to the child; however, the guardian may be responsible for managing the child’s assets.

New York guardianship laws also provide for the appointment of a guardian if a child needs someone to look out for his or her interests during a court proceeding. This type of guardian is referred to as a guardian ad litem. We can assist clients when a guardian ad litem has been appointed during a divorce, custody or probate case.

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